So I know there aren’t a lot of you, but for those of you who have followed this blog over the last few months, you are going to be noticing some changes.

I have deleted a few posts, and I am re-directing this blog… from this moment forward.

Why you may ask? Well let me explain. I have always known Jesus as my savior, but since I re-dedicated my life to him and have been focusing my energy on him, I’ve noticed a change in myself, and to be honest, I am never looking back… forward is a much better direction.

So things have changed a little, but I promise to still dazzle you with my witty banter and stories of how my life ( sometimes awkwardly) unfolds.

An update of where I am right now since I deleted the old one:

Still 29… for exactly one month and 5 days…

Single and loving it! Not because I date around and have an exciting life, but mainly because God is leading me to pray to be the mostly Godly woman I can be, and he will work out the other details.

I lost my job in September and my boyfriend in December, and though things seem tough, I now see that these “losses” were really just God saying “Girl, I have something WAY better planned for your life… trust me”. And FINALLY… I do! I get it!

I have increased my prayer life, decreased my intake of Investigation Discovery, and have focused on reading my bible, and I already see a huge difference in my life. Prayers are being answered, I feel God’s little ping inside me when he is leading me to do something. I have discovered fasting. I have figured out how to pray for things that trouble me and to fully depend on the Lord for all things.

I have suffered with anxiety, worries, stress, and a feeling of dread for most of my adult life. A lot of the time, I did this to myself through very VERY bad decisions, but I gave it all over to God, and I have felt such relief… Its such a strange feeling to be truly delivered from that pain. God tells us 365 times in the bible to “NOT BE AFRAID”…. So why are we??? We could literally read one scriptures per day and pray on it and feel it and have our fears removed…. that’s AWESOME!!! God is so great!!!

Well I think that’s enough for this lil update blog. Ive felt led to change this blog for God’s message to be spread, so that’s what we’re gonna do! Happy reading!

Peace and Love <3,

Holly Lynn