Lately I have been studying Proverbs 31 and how to become a more Godly woman, the woman that God wants me to be, and how he has already given instructions on how to become who he wants us to be.


I found this yesterday and I thought about how it goes along so well with what I have been studying. So I asked myself.. “Do I have these characteristics?” some yes, some no, and some more than others… So I printed this out and posted it everywhere. In my prayer journal, on the side of the monitor on my computer at work, one for the fridge,  and a copy to be used as a book mark in my bible.

I want to constantly be reminded of the type of woman that I am striving to be. I want to be these things, I want to draw nearer to God, and I want my life to be used to glorify him. I truly have a desire to please god in every way I can.

In the study of Proverbs 31, I have decided to ask myself a very important question.

What qualities do I recognize and value in the true women of God that I know?

My answer? Experience in Gods word and his work through prayer, a positive attitude, a meekness, humbleness, a giving heart, a listening ear, a hug when its needed, BOLDNESS in their faith, a constant prayer life, True faith in God, supportive and Godly wife, mother who raises her child to know Christ and what it means to serve him, forgiving, and a woman who stands firmly on her faith and is immovable in Christ Jesus.

My next question was this ” Which of these qualities do I have?”

In all honesty, not as many as I would like. And fewer than I thought.

So the problem is this… How do I learn these traits? How do I grow in Jesus and become the woman that I admire?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that one yet, but God and I are working on it!

God Bless,

Holly Lynn

My Family and I 3 years ago in a photo for our Church directory! WOW! How the brother and sister have grown!