Oh how real…. So I lost my very lucrative, if not happy job back in September. Now I’m working 2 just to make it, but that it not the struggle I am referring to. I was able to work everything out so that I have Sunday off at both jobs, each week, but now I am a lil busier than I was before. I’m finding it hard to stay inspired to read and study my bible daily.

Anyone else find this hard?

Balancing Life, and jobs, and bills, and kids ( for other people), and all the things we ‘have’ to do. I’ve cut out Facebook ( mostly), but I’m giving that up completely for lent which starts today, But I’ve noticed when I get home from both jobs, I am tired… I want to shower, catch up on laundry and recorded shows and hit the hay… So how can we stay motivated?

I checked out a couple of blogs this morning and hopefully some of the tips I found will help y’all ( and Me!)!

  • Pray and ask God for help to stay motivated and to help you find at least 5 minutes everyday.
  • Cut out 1 distraction. No not laundry, I think we are going to have to continue that, But if you cant find time to READ your bible, let it read to you! I have an AWESOME and FREE Bible app that I use, and it will read out loud, and it uses very little data… I call that a win-win! Find it here       https://www.youversion.com/ it gives you an option to select a bible version and everything!
  • Be deliberate with your time. That text can wait ( unless its work), put the phone on silent and in another room if you have to and devote that time to God. ( My thoughts on this are that if we expect God to ALWAYS make time to hear us, we had better make time to hear him too, he is not a vending machine.).
  • Find a study buddy!
  • Read “The New wine is Better” … just trust me on this.
  • Find a free bible study in a blog.
  • Watch “War Room”… if you haven’t seen it, you need to.

Ya know, just writing this blog makes me want to study my bible more. I LOVE finding new things and sharing it with everyone who reads this!!!

What are some ways that you stay motivated to study God’s word? Let me know in  the comments or get in touch with me from my “contact me” section. There will be a follow up to this post and Ill include your suggestions!


Thanks for reading, Have a GREAT day, God Bless, and Peace and Love y’ all,

Holly Lynn ❤