I have always been a believer of “Everything happens for a reason”. I was probably in grade school when a friend of mine said it to me, and it started to sink in… Everything happens for a reason… What is the reason?

Later, in high school, after losing some people I loved, I wondered… “If everything happens for a reason, WHAT on earth is the reason? Why does God let things happen? What is the point of loss and grief?

In my early adult years, I put myself through a lot… I was not the person I am today, and I don’t even know that girl anymore… But she was still trying to figure out the “reason” that everything was happening..

Now, many years later… I sometimes still wonder what God’s reasons for things are… but I know a lot more than I did before… I know that in every hardship… there will be a lesson. In every bad choice… there will( usually)  be a good story. In every bad relationship… there is a chance to learn about ourselves. For every bad thing that’s happened to me, I have 100 life lessons learned, advice to help council others, and experiences that helped shape me into the person that I am right now. As has been said to me lately… In death, there is new life.

God doesn’t allow us to go through things to hurt us. He allows us to weather the storm, because that storm makes us take deeper roots in him… I can tell you from personal experience that my Bible is the ONLY thing that has gotten me through my storms… that certain scriptures have been highlighted twice, underlined, and eventually memorized because God was helping me weather the storm.

Job (pronounced  Jobe)  had a wonderful life… and God allowed him to go through the storm, because he knew that Job was faithful to him. And what happened? Job’s life ended up being more blessed than anything he could have imagined.

We don’t always know the impact that one decision, one moment, one word, one day, one hello can make… We don’t always get to see the end result of our decisions….What if you knew you saved someone’s life by being kind? By smiling? What if you knew that you’d find what you’ve been looking your whole life for, by extending kindness? What if we knew the end result? Would it change our choices? Would it change our perspective? Probably so.

But we don’t know. We have no idea how much small decisions impact our world. But God does. When I asked God to come back into my life and fill it, and make it whole again, and turn it around…he did… and then….  everything fell apart. EVERYTHING. Everything came undone. He had to fix all the mess that I had made… but asking him back was the VERY best thing I have ever done in my entire life…. Letting God come into my heart, into my life, and have full, 100 % control, was the most incredible decision I will have ever made. I see things changing. I see things falling into place. I see stress disappearing, I see my faith strengthening. I see a happiness in my eyes and a glow in my face that I have never seen. And it is INCREDIBLE. God has my life… he is the Captain, he is in control… And I wouldn’t want it any other way… I don’t know all the plans he has for me… but I am going to take this life one day at a time, turn to God in every weak moment, hold fast to my faith with every breath, and know that no matter the end, my joy, my hope, and my rewards are found in my Lord.

So does everything happen for a reason?

I think so… I may not always know the reason, but God does… and that’s good enough for me.

Peace and Love and Hugs,

Holly Lynn ❤