Yes, there is some merit to working for something you want. However, a relationship should never be on the list of things that you need to fight for. If its doing you more harm then good… LET IT GO!




Wrong. You should never have to sacrifice EVERYTHING to be with someone. Stop acting 16. Sacrifice everything for God, it will lead you farther.


I cant stop thinking about a  Jeep Wrangler. Is it good for me? No. Do I drive to fast for one? Yes. Would it kill me in time? Yes. Think about whats healthy for YOU.


You shoud never be this wrapped up in someone else. Happiness is an inside job, dont assign that task to anyone else. Have a life of your own. Pray about the man God has for you, the right person will just fit.

Thanks for reading,

Holly Lynn

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My handsome little bother and I ❤